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Clearing Up Mixed Messages in Animal Communication with Your Pets

In the intricate dance of animal communication between people and our pets, the subtleties of our intentions play a crucial role. As an animal communicator, I have observed a common thread in the challenges pet owners face: mixed messages. These mixed messages can create confusion in our animal companions, who rely not just on our …


How to Practice Mindfulness to Help You & Your Pets

The term mindfulness is mentioned a lot in various places and articles but people often tell me that they are not exactly sure what it is, how it can benefit their lives and their pets, and how it will improve their animal communication. Watch this video below to see me discuss more, or continue reading …


How to Deactivate Negative Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions to Help You & Your Pets

In my work as an animal communicator and pet intuitive, I meet people who are looking for help to improve how they communicate with and support their pets.  I would like to share another really powerful technique I use with my clients that will help you deactivate and release negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that …


How to Calm and Clear Your Energy Body to Help You & Your Pets

As an animal communicator, people often contact me because they feel their own personal energy is out of balance and getting in the way of their communication and connection with their pets.  It is a common challenge people experience in not being conscious of how they are affected by energy and how their energy is affecting others ….especially pets. You do not need to be …


How to Breathe Into Balance for You & Your Pets

Today I would like to share a super easy and effective breathing exercise that will help you quickly feel more calm, clear, balanced, and grounded in the present moment.  As an animal communicator and pet communicator, I often feel the human’s unbalanced energy from the animal’s perspective. This exercise is very helpful to do when …


How to Improve Your Mood & Energy Through the Love & Joy of Your Pets

Today I would like to talk about how to improve your energy through the love and joy you experience with your animals.  Every person is an animal communicator and pet communicator but many are not aware of the profound energy exchange that occurs with animals through emotions, thoughts and feelings. As humans, we often move …


How to Become A Vibrational Match with All Your Desires for You & Your Pets

People often book an animal communicator session with me because they need help in understanding their energetic blocks in achieving their goals and objectives with their pets.  Today I would like to talk about becoming a vibrational match with all you desire for you and your pets. You may have dreams, intentions, goals and/or desires …


Intuitive Animal Communication Learning & Development

Are you interesting in learning how to become and animal communicator and pet communicator?  I am super excited to announce the release of my brand new Intuitive Animal Communication Learning & Development Home Study Program! I am breaking down my signature methods in this course where you can learn at your own pace and strengthen …


How to Help Your Pets Adjust to Life Post Pandemic

Over the last year and since the pandemic began, I have heard from many people needing help from an animal communicator because they adopted pets while in lockdown and have been trying to adjust as they create relationships with their pets. As the months progressed, and as the world has opened up more, many people …


How Your Own Self Care Will Benefit Your Pets

Today I would like to talk about the importance of self-care and wellness and how it will benefit our pets.  You will strengthen your abilities as an effective animal communicator and pet communicator when you practice consistent self-care. Often we humans who are animal lovers and caregivers pour our heart and soul into our pets…making …


Creating What You Desire for You & Your Pets

On a daily basis, people reach out to me for animal communicator tips, manifesting tips, energy healing tips and coaching to improve their lives with their pets.  We all have the power and ability to create what we desire and hope for in all areas of our lives….especially in our lives with our pets. People …


How Being Truly Present in the Moment Will Help You & Your Pets

Today I would like to talk about the benefits and power of truly being present in the moment, how this will help you and your pets, and improve your natural abilities as an animal communicator. People often talk about living in the moment…..but the question often comes up asking….what does that really mean? Watch this video …


How to Better Understand & Communicate with Your Pets

As an animal communicator, people often ask me for simple ways to better understand and communicate with their pets through energy and intuition. Animals are always picking on the energy around them, especially from humans, and we have an opportunity to utilize our energetic connections with them in order to understand and communicate with them …


How Clearing Clutter in Your Mind & Space Will Help You & Your Pets

Animal Communicator Tip: How clearing out the clutter in our mind and in our space will benefit ourselves and our pets. When our minds are filled with thoughts, feelings, and emotions that weigh us down, distract us, hold tied to the past, or distracted by the future….we may feel blocked, drained, and stifled. And when …


Calm Yourself & Your Pets Through A Walking Meditation

A really great way to create a calm and balanced energy state for you and your dog while walking together is through a walking meditation. There are many ways to do this….all with the end goal of bringing you into the present moment where you are a calm confident leader for your dog as you …


How Keeping A Gratitude Journal Will Help Your Pets

When people work with me as an Animal Communicator, one of the most amazing energies I feel and observe in the connection between people and pets is gratitude and (of course) love. It is widely well-known that feeling and expressing gratitude will improve your spirits, your energy, and your life.  Cultures around the world teach …


The Pre-Paving Process: Create What You Desire for You & Your Pets

I love sharing helpful tips as an Animal Communicator, Intuitive Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher, and the Pre-Paving Process is a fantastic one! Often when we are moving forward, trying to overcome challenges…whether it be with our animals and trying to shift behavior and create new habits….or even challenges within our own lives….we may not …


Clear Your Mind to Help Your Pets with the Morning Pages

An aspect of my work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Coach that I really love is helping animals by helping their humans find their calm, release their stress, remove their blocks, and find their balance. From the animal’s perspective….they just want to be happy, balanced, and loved…..but it’s the humans who are energetically complicated …


Strengthening Your Instincts & Intuition to Help You & Your Animals

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach Tip: Everyone has the ability to use their instincts and intuition to help them navigate their life at a higher level…..as well as to better understand and communicate with their animals. When we have an instinctual response to something…..we don’t have to think about it….our being just knows and …