How to Help Your Pets Adjust to Life Post Pandemic

How to Help Your Pets Adjust to Life Post Pandemic

Over the last year and since the pandemic began, I have heard from many people needing help from an animal communicator because they adopted pets while in lockdown and have been trying to adjust as they create relationships with their pets.

As the months progressed, and as the world has opened up more, many people are experiencing behavior challenges with their new pets such as separation anxiety, reactivity, dogs acting out by chewing things up, getting into things, etc…and they don’t understand what their pets want and need.

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There are many training techniques that help with these challenges, such as making sure the animal is getting proper exercise…both physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis…especially before leaving them alone in the house…..along with leaving the house for a few minutes at a time, returning and not making a big deal about it….and keep gradually extending the amount of time you are gone by 5 minutes more each time.

Like people, animals have needs and if they aren’t being met, there can be challenges that arise.

But the most important thing a person can do for their pets and for themselves is to shift their energy and mindset. So often people (understandably) get tied to the story of the past year, the loss, the sickness, the stress, the emotional rollercoaster of experiencing the lockdown….it’s a lot of energy to carry….and animals are very sensitive to energy.

Now that we are making our way to the other side of this pandemic, it will help our animals when we hold a vision, feeling, and frequency of how we want to feel…..happy, balanced, free, calm, hopeful, safe, etc.

When we set an intention of taking the lead with our energy and let go of the stories from the past year as we move forward, we ground ourselves in the present moment, where our pets need us most.  This strengthens a person’s ability as a natural, instinctual and energetic animal communicator.

Many people have labeled their dog and their relationship with them…such as lockdown dog, covid pup, pandemic pup, my lockdown rescue, etc.

Labeling the dog and our relationship with them can potentially enable behavior challenges we would like to shake because there is energy associated with those labels and terms…..we start telling others the story of how we adopted the dog or cat….during a tough time….and now because the dog is a “pandemic pup”… “….they are freaking out every time I leave the house!”

Many people are sharing these stories and it almost becomes a significant vibration in the collective consciousness that people latch on to, identify with, and make their own story.

But when we recognize that every moment is a new moment to take the reins of our own energy through intention and awareness….we shift the past pandemic frequency into a post pandemic positive frequency that is one of balance, peace, and safety.

Setting and intention, holding a vision of how you would like your pet to feel…whether it’s peaceful and easy when you leave the house, or getting along with all strangers and listening to all direction with ease….when we practice these new feelings we create a new momentum in the direction we’d like to head with our pets.  This gives us the ability to cultivate our calm confidence as their pack leader and it will help shift their behaviors for the better.

People will often get caught up in their head overthinking what the pet is doing, or they are over emotional….worrying, feeling sorry or guilty, nervous when having to leave the animal home alone.

But when we reconnect with our instincts, where animals thrive, and we set the energetic vision and tone of all going well…”everyone will be fine, we can do this….” ….we can more quickly and effectively support our animals post pandemic.

Letting go of the story, the past, all the emotions….and taking the reins as a calm confident leader who meets the needs of their animals and nurtures their needs rather than enabling imbalanced energy.

And so how do you do this exactly?  Begin with the intention to be calm and confident…and imagine how you and your pet will feel and live in every aspect of your life.  Take a few minutes each day to quiet your mind, focus on deep relaxed breathing, and imagine it…and most importantly feel it.

Meditation is a fantastic way of shifting this energy for the better….and/or having any sort of outlet for you to release steam, calm yourself, and feed your spirit will help you get clear on positive intentions and deliberately create what you desire.

If you catch yourself falling back into old feelings of worry, doubt, nervousness, and the energies of the past year….redirect your attention and energy to the opposite….joy, peace, ease, and harmony.  Then follow through by taking action through proper and consistent guidance and leadership….every day.

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, pet psychic questions, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life, and/or recording custom meditations for you…..I am more than happy to help!

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