Calm Yourself & Your Pets Through A Walking Meditation

Calm Yourself & Your Pets Through A Walking Meditation

A really great way to create a calm and balanced energy state for you and your dog while walking together is through a walking meditation.

There are many ways to do this….all with the end goal of bringing you into the present moment where you are a calm confident leader for your dog as you spend time together outside mentally and physically exercising.  This will really strengthened your abilities as an animal communicator while also balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

Watch this video for more details or continue reading along below the video:

One way to begin a walking meditation is to begin inside before the walk with a few deep breaths and your eyes closed.

You can imagine a beam of white light extending from high up in the sky through the top of your head, continuing down through the center of your body, out the bottom of your feet….and connecting you to the core of the earth.

As you continue to slowly inhale and exhale, connect in with your heart center.  Now imagine you are inhaling through your heart center….inhaling calm energy, and exhaling through your heart center calm energy that permeates your environment and extends out into the world in all directions.

After a few minutes, open your eyes and begin your process, calmly, of getting your dog ready for the walk….as you continue to feel the beam of white light connecting you to the universe above and to the center of the earth below, all while continuing to breathe through your heart center.

As you walk outside with your dog, keep your focus on your breath through your heart center, fully present in the moment and aware of your surroundings, while also maintaining stable tranquility as you walk together.  If your dog acts up in any way, address the behavior as you need to, while still keeping a centered focus on your calm stable breathing through your heart center.

It’s really that simple….it may take some practice but, like a muscle, you will strengthen your ability to stay calm and centered on the walk and this will help your dog maintain calm energy by your side.

Another method for a walking meditation is to repeat a mantra in your head while you walk.  It can be any mantra you choose…..such as “I am calm and serene.”

What works best for many people is a mantra that is more abstract and not words you usually use….such as an Om Namah Shivaya….pronounced “Om – Na – Ma – Shi – Va – Ya.”

This is a popular Hindu mantra that means ‘I bow to Shiva.’  Shiva is the supreme God of transformation and represents the Highest Self.  Using this mantra is said to align you closer with nature.  Na represents earth, Ma represents water, Shi represents fire, Va represents air, and Ya represents the sky.  This mantra also honors the true divinity within one’s self.

Repeating this mantra over and over in your head as you maintain consistent inhales and exhales, while also walking with your dog, will keep you present in the moment rather than thinking about everything going on in your life that may create tension and stress you out.

I am a huge fan of reciting a mantra in my head while walking my dogs.  I notice my dogs are more calm and I am a stronger leader for them…..less pulling…less distractions….and a more enjoyable time together.

Play with these walking meditation methods and let me know how they work for you!


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