Animal Communication Sessions get you deeply connected with your animal’s thoughts, feelings, energy, and behavior.

Would you like to understand what your animal is thinking and feeling?

Are you searching for peace, balance and harmony in your household?

Are you struggling in the training department or to make sense out of your animal’s behavior?

Do you feel your animal is trying to tell you something and have questions about your connection and the lessons you’re learning from each other?

Are you looking for guidance, direction and support as your animal experiences the final stages of life?

Do you want to communicate with your animal who has passed to the other side?

Are you just hoping to check in with an animal to see what’s up?


These are just a few of the many questions I address during an Animal Communication Session….

…..and I will help you answer them!

Michael-LadySnowbieDuring an Animal Communication Session, I communicate intuitively with the animal through pictures, words, feelings and energy.

An Animal Communication Session is typically conducted over the phone or Skype.  You send me a picture of your animal via email prior to the session. During our time together, I check in with your animal to find out what is going on, how they are feeling and what they want you to know.  I then answer any questions you have for them or about them.

By the end of the session, you will feel a deeper connection with the animal, your questions will be answered, you will receive needed solutions and both you and your animal will feel a shift into peace and clarity.

I am also skilled in a variety of energy healing techniques that assist both animal and human through physical, emotional and behavioral challenges. This work can be conducted remotely, and offers amazing results.

I am so incredibly thankful for Michael’s help. His abilities are incredible and he is accurate and so quick!!! Besides being amazingly intuitive, Michael is also very sage and is able to introduce helpful solutions. I can not recommend him enough!!!

Debbie B.

As a Behavior Consultant, I will help you overcome any behavior or training challenges by offering you very specific suggestions, tips and tools so that you have action steps that will lead to confidence, clarity, harmony and results!  

I also offer custom 3-session packages:

Session #1: I check in with you and the animal to discover what is happening, identify and discuss what is needed for resolution and answer any questions.

Session #2: We typically cover energy work, coaching, consulting, and homework / action steps.

Session #3: A check-in to see how everything is progressing!  We address any additional challenges and questions at this time.


Click below to book your session. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a date and time that is best for you. Time slots are available this week!: