The Pre-Paving Process: Create What You Desire for You & Your Pets

The Pre-Paving Process: Create What You Desire for You & Your Pets

I love sharing helpful tips as an Animal Communicator, Intuitive Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher, and the Pre-Paving Process is a fantastic one!

Often when we are moving forward, trying to overcome challenges…whether it be with our animals and trying to shift behavior and create new habits….or even challenges within our own lives….we may not realize where our energy and attention is focused.

We may have a goal set, but instead we are focusing on it not working or all of the obstacles that may be in our way….and focusing on our current conditions and feelings about the situation that contradict what we are trying to create.

This may delay us in moving forward to achieve our goals and can be avoided and cleared out of our way with more mindful, focused attention and energy.

A simple way to jump start the process of creating what you really desire is the process of “pre-paving,”  named by Abraham Hicks, and is something I have used for many years and have found it to work well in getting on track and really making things happen.

Watch this video for more details or continue reading along below the video:

I find the best way to make pre-paving work is do it just before bed and/or first thing in the morning….but you can really do it ahead of anything you are setting out to do.  All you do is imagine what you would like to create and experience and see a clear and easy pathway forming toward that goal.  Imagine everything working out, free and easy, and get specific as you really feel what it is like to be experiencing what you desire.

So if you are trying to improve a dog’s behavior, imagine what it would feel like when the dog is behaving as you desire and really notice all the details and feelings that come with that experience.

Or if you have a big meeting or interview scheduled, imagine how it will play out in the best possible way…..really feeling how great it will feel succeeding, getting along with the people, feeling comfortable, confident, and accomplished.

The more specific you are in imagining the details of the scenario the better.  The process of truly feeling what it is like to experience what you would like to create elevates your vibration to a level where you will draw similar vibrations to you…..in turn sparking synchronicities will will bring to you what you desire.

If you find yourself starting to focus on your doubts, catch yourself…then reach for a better thought and keep paying your way toward your desires and goals….emphasizing the good feelings that will accompany your goal.

I have even used this process about an hour before getting in my car…..imagining my commute will be super smooth and fast with very little traffic on the roads….feeling so calm and happy knowing I have plenty of time to get where I am going and confidence I will easily find a parking spot upon my arrival.

The more you visualize it and really feel it…..the quicker you will manifest it.  This really does work!  I encourage to try a little pre-paving and give yourself an opportunity to fast track your way to creating what you desire!


If you would like help in understanding what your pets are thinking and feeling… answers to your pet psychic questions, and/or if you need some guidance and direction within your own life…..I am more than happy to help!  You can book an animal communicator session with me through the link below. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a time best for you:


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