Creating What You Desire for You & Your Pets

Creating What You Desire for You & Your Pets

On a daily basis, people reach out to me for animal communicator tips, manifesting tips, energy healing tips and coaching to improve their lives with their pets.  We all have the power and ability to create what we desire and hope for in all areas of our lives….especially in our lives with our pets.

People often don’t realize this and passively react to their circumstances without an awareness of what they may be unintentionally creating through their energy, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

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When people face challenges with their pets, they are often stuck focusing on the problem rather than a solution and detach from their ability to proactive create what they want and achieve solutions they need.

And it doesn’t take a pet psychic to see this! But we are often so caught up in our experience that we do not have an objective understanding of what is holding us back.

A great way to create big changes….whether it be with your pets or any area of your life is through creating clear intentions, connecting in with how you feel when experiencing what you desire, being mindful and aware of where your attention and feelings and that you practice feeling what you would like to create as if you are experiencing it right now…..and taking inspired action to bring your desires to life.

Meditation is always an amazing way to shift your thoughts, feelings, and emotions….bringing your attention into the present moment and releasing the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck in the past and/or focusing on things in your life that you don’t want and/or hold you back from experiencing what you do want.

Through a regular, consistent practice of meditation, you dissolve those energetic blocks that get in your way from creating and experiencing all you desire.

The challenge people often face is that they don’t see results at first…but mediation is like building a muscle…it takes patience, consistency, and follow through.

Committing to a good 30 days or more is always a great goal to set because often there is a breakthrough after day 20 where suddenly everything shifts and you begin to feel and experience the benefits of meditation people always talk about – inner peace, better, sleep, more optimism, new ideas and inspiration, and more energy to take action in all areas of your life.

It’s also important to get clear on what you would like to create and/or change.

Maybe it’s better communication with your pets, better behavior, maybe you would like to discover new things to do together over the next year, maybe you want to teach your animals new tricks or tasks, or a new skill or certificate in service or support, or maybe you would like to explore new ideas of creating some new product or service to support animals and their families.

When we get clear about our intentions and connect in with the feeling of experiencing them and practice this on a regular basis….like daily…..we begin to elevate our energetic vibration and project into the universe a frequency that draws to it similar vibrations that are a match to this frequency….and we begin to draw into our lives the feelings and experiences we set out to create.

Throughout this process, it’s also important to be open to receiving ideas of inspired action to take to further create what we desire in order to really bring them to life and experiencing them.

Create a list of what you would like to create, experience, and most importantly feel with your pets….or really in any area of your life.   Write these ideas and intentions down and really feel them as you are writing them down.

Something I have always loved doing is finding a special box of any kind….it could be a small treasure chest, jewelry box, shoe box, wood box, or something you create on your own….where you have an opportunity to have a creative outlet and paint and decorate something to your liking.

A special box like this is often referred to a manifestation box, abundance box, magical creation box, god box…..you can call it whatever you like.  Just make sure you aren’t obsessing about finding the perfect box and it keeps you from doing it….pick a box and keep moving.

Place the intentions you wrote down of what you would like to create and experience inside this special box and place the box wherever you’d like.

You can add intentions to the box whenever you feel like it….but I always recommend to add them and let it go….it’s like you are turning it all over to the universe without worrying about the “how it will happen” or feeling like you need to keep looking at the intentions in the box.

You have essentially planted the seeds for manifestation….and continuing to trust, have faith, maintain your clear intentions and continually practice connecting into the feeling of experiencing what you would like to create, using your imagination as if you are experiencing it all today….this will accelerate the process of bringing your desires to life.

What almost always happens is….after six months or a year….you will go back and look in your special box and see that you have manifested everything you put inside it.

For me, if there were any intentions that did not come through for me….in hindsight I recognize and understand why it did not manifest…..often we will initially think we want or need to experience something….when it’s really not in our best interest or supporting our highest good.

After a year or however long and you have achieved the desires and goals that were inside your box, you can burn the paper to release the energy into the atmosphere (safely of course!) or simply recycle the paper….or any other special ritual you feel guided to complete.  Then add new intentions and continue the process.

This exercise can be extra special in elevating your relationship and life with your pets.  You can create specific intentions, hopes, desires for your animals and place them in the box and connect in with the feeling of excitement, fulfillment, and joy of you and your pets experiencing them.

As I said, you can use your special box to plant seeds of manifestation and creation in all areas of your life and be open to all of the amazing things coming your way.  Have fun with it, get creative, and most importantly FEEL it!    I always love hearing peoples’ successes with this so definitely share with me how this goes for you…I know it will go well!!!!

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, pet psychic questions, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life, and/or recording custom meditations for you…..I am more than happy to help!

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