How to Practice Mindfulness to Help You & Your Pets

How to Practice Mindfulness to Help You & Your Pets

The term mindfulness is mentioned a lot in various places and articles but people often tell me that they are not exactly sure what it is, how it can benefit their lives and their pets, and how it will improve their animal communication.

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The definition of mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

We, as humans, often are not focused on the present moment, we are thinking about what’s ahead in the future, or what has happened in the past.

We also sometimes do not accept our feelings, creating patterns of blocking things out, burying feelings, pretending we feel a certain way for appearances, and become so caught up in our spinning thoughts that we are completely detached from our physical experience in the present moment.

Mindfulness is a simple yet very powerful technique to surrender to the present and release any stressful and stifling energies that are not serving your highest good.

Your breath is always an anchor for grounding you in the present moment.  When you focus on your breath and scan your body with your awareness from the bottoms of your feet, all the way up to the top of your head, you will immediately calm your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

As you scan your body, it is important to be objective and detached from judgement.  Accepting, allowing, and letting go as you simply become aware of the subtleties of your experience in the moment.

You are not striving for something and there is not a specific goal with mindness.  It’s simple just Being.  When you start to get distracted by a thought or feeling….just allow it…let it go with each breath.

There is a deep sense of freedom to be able to just be present without the pressure to be productive…to win…to gain…to obtain…and to check off a box.

In a world where accomplishment is part of survival, it may be a bit challenging to let go at first….but with practice , it becomes easier…and that’s where the stress and tension melts away….and also where you start to draw similar calm, positive and fulfilling vibrations and energies to you.

A great way to practice mindfulness is with your animals.  Simply sitting with them, or even walking with them, and being truly present and aware of your experience is very powerful.  Set an intention to be as present in the moment as possible….soaking every feeling, very observation, very sensation with gratitude and appreciation.

For example, you could be sitting with your dog and petting them, noticing the texture of their fur, the color in their eyes, both of your breathing patterns as you sit together calmly.  You may notice their paws, nails, the arch of his back, the color of his teeth…..just simply noticing the subtleties and being present together.

This is a quick example of how you may experience mindfulness with a pet.  Again the idea here is to be easy about it without a goal or agenda.  You set an intention to mindfully be present in the moment, open to the relaxation, calm, and peace the practice of mindfulness will create for you and your pets together.

The more we practice mindfulness whenever we can throughout our days, even if it’s just for a few minutes, the more calm we will become.  And our animals will benefit from this because when we are calm and balanced, they feel that energy and it will help them feel more calm and balanced….and this will enhance our communication and connection with them.

Give it a try and commit to practicing mindfulness everyday because the benefits become greater the more we incorporate it into our everyday lives!

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, pet psychic questions, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life…..I am more than happy to help!

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