How to Become A Vibrational Match with All Your Desires for You & Your Pets

How to Become A Vibrational Match with All Your Desires for You & Your Pets

People often book an animal communicator session with me because they need help in understanding their energetic blocks in achieving their goals and objectives with their pets.  Today I would like to talk about becoming a vibrational match with all you desire for you and your pets.

You may have dreams, intentions, goals and/or desires for yourself as well as your pets and you may feel challenged in achieving these goals and desires.

Sometimes we can get in our own way and slow the process of creating what we desire when we feel separate from that which we desire….the goals and desires are sometime in the future and we need to take steps and time to get there….through “hard work” and submerged in the “challenge” in getting there.

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Everything is energy and vibration…our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions are all energy and vibration at different frequencies and levels.

The best way to achieve your goals and create what you desire is by first recognizing your own vibration.  This can be done by checking in with yourself and how you feel….how you are vibrating…where you are in the energetic spectrum.

Meditation is always a simple and easy way to check in with yourself by quieting the mind, scanning your body, and tuning into your thoughts, feelings, and emotions while taking a break from the usual distractions of everyday life.

Maybe you have a training goal with a new dog, or you are wanting your cats to listen to you and to get along with each other.

Check in with yourself to recognize how you currently feel about that goal…are you anxious?  Stressed? Nervous? Doubtful?  All of those feelings are not in vibrational alignment with the energy and vibration of the dog becoming well trained, the cats listening to you and getting along, etc.

You can shift and elevate your vibration by imagining what it feels like to succeed in attaining the goal….how you feel and how the dog feels when the dog is well trained, how good you feel and how great the cats feel when they listen to you and get along, etc.

Imagine what that goal feels like in all details in the present moment, as if you are experiencing that achievement now…and allow yourself to really feel it and enjoy the energy of achieving your goal.  In doing so, you are creating a vibrational match for you and your animals with the energy and vibration of the goal you desire.

You may even add your imagination to the process by seeing you and your animal as a beautiful color that is blending and swirling together with the color of the goal you have for you both.  Imagine these colors complimenting each other….swirling and blending together as they create a new beautiful color that is the existence of your desired goal.

You may even add a symbol to this vibration, such as an infinity symbol, a paw print, a star, or whatever comes to you.  This way, whenever you bring the symbol to your mind and connect to the feeling of it, you are reminded of your vibrational match and connection to your desires….further accelerating the process of manifesting them.

Becoming a vibrational match with your desires using these processes will blaze a path of ease and joy…diffusing the “working hard” and feelings of challenge and doubt that may have been a part of your quest to achieve your goals.  Consider this your new master manifestor pet psychic super power!

Recognizing that everything is energy and has a vibration….and then feeling into the vibration of where you are and the vibration of where you want to be closes the gap in your ability to create with ease and satisfaction.

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life, and/or recording custom meditations for you…..I am more than happy to help!

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