Strengthening Your Instincts & Intuition to Help You & Your Animals

Strengthening Your Instincts & Intuition to Help You & Your Animals

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach Tip: Everyone has the ability to use their instincts and intuition to help them navigate their life at a higher level…..as well as to better understand and communicate with their animals.

When we have an instinctual response to something…..we don’t have to think about it….our being just knows and responds without effort.

As we grow from a child to an adult, we often forget how to tap into our intuition and use our instincts because of all of the distractions around us and the endless mind chatter that clouds our senses.  We are usually over thinking our way through life rather than feeling our way.

But when we get into a practice of quieting the mind, we make room for our instincts to guide us and for our intuition to steer us toward clarity, balance, and joy.

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It is also within this feeling space where animals energetically reside and where we can meet them and communicate with them more clearly and effectively.

When we are fully utilizing our instincts and intuition, we are able to respond to our surroundings super fast and effortlessly.  The less we have to think and worry about, the more energy we have to direct toward what we desire.

One way to strengthen your ability to tap into your instincts and intuition is by practicing sensing your environment around you with your eyes closed.

As you sit or stand somewhere, close your eyes and imagine what is in front of you.

What do you feel?  Maybe there is a table with objects on it…..notice everything in detail without using your eyes.

For example, maybe there is a glass of water in front of you.  Notice all the details in the glass, the colors, the shape, texture, the reflections, the ripples in the water, feel in to every detail.  Then notice other things around you and all of the details that make them up….again with your eye’s closed.

As you scan your immediate environment, extend your awareness forward beyond your personal space……into another room or whatever is beyond your space.  Notice the details of everything there and also pay attention to what you feel.

Next, extend your awareness even further…..maybe out into the street….and explore what is there in detail…..feeling everything……all with your eyes closed.

You can continue to extend your awareness further out into your town or city……noticing and feeling….and then even further out beyond your state lines…..country borders…..coastal lines……all the way out into the Universe……noticing and feeling details….all with your eyes closed and only using your senses and imagination.

You can also practice sensing your environment behind you…..feeling what is there…..noticing the details without your eyes and only your senses.

Continue to extend your sensing further out behind you….outside your home and property…..continuing out into your city……and continuing further….all the way out into the Universe.

Its up to you how you would like to practice this exercise……you can practice it in all directions – front and back, to the left and right of you, above and below you……sensing, feeling, exploring, noticing…..all with your senses and with your eyes closed.  The more you practice, the stronger your ability to sense and feeling your environment will become.

This exercise strengthens your abilities to instinctually tap into your environment and to feel beyond your sight and hearing…..it moves you out of your mind that intellectualizes and judges everything….and brings you into a state where you can feel the vibration of everything in its purest form.

When we practice feeling our environment and noticing all of the details without using our eyes and ears….we will have a stronger ability to respond a lot quicker to whatever is happening and make choices that will better serve us and others….all without thinking…..simply knowing and responding accordingly.

This exercise also strengthens our ability to understand and communicate with our animals because we are strengthening our muscle to feel what is happening around us….and we will be able to feel the energy of our animals and the frequencies they are broadcasting.   We will feel what our animal wants, needs, what they are about to do or not do.  Soon you will start feeling like you have enhanced your pet psychic awareness and understanding of energetic frequencies, both subtle and profound.

I encourage you to play around with this, such as a few minutes a day for a month.  It takes time to build a muscle….but with training and practice your ability to tap into your intuition and utilize your instincts will grow and  improve your life for the better.


I encourage you to play with this technique….and if you would like help in understanding what your pets are thinking and feeling… get answers to your pet psychic questions, and/or if you need some guidance and direction within your own life…..I am more than happy to help!  You can book an animal communicator session with me through the link below. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a time best for you:


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