I am an Animal Communicator, Behavior Consultant, and Intuitive Life Coach.  

My mission is to help people better understand and communicate with their animals and overcome behavioral challenges.
I also coach people on how to improve their energy, find balance, clear blocks and achieve their goals.

I communicate with animals intuitively in order to answer questions, find solutions and provide people and animals with peace, harmony, confidence and clarity.

During an animal communication session with me, you will receive guidance and support regarding behavior issues, health challenges, emotional obstacles, end of life crossroads and afterlife communication.

My unique approach combines my background as an intuitive with my experience in dog psychology, behavior and training, and energy healing.

I am also an Intuitive Life Coach, offering guidance that will clarify, support and enlighten.

I facilitate clarity and corresponding transformational action by applying the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction.

My grounded, practical and clear approach assists people with challenges related to life purpose, career, wealth, relationships, and wellness.

I will help you navigate the path ahead, overcome obstacles, develop a healthy lifestyle, find balance, manifest your desires, take action and recognize your own greatness by revealing the best possibilities within your life.

Additional Background

As the youngest of 6 children in a large Irish-Catholic family, I was labeled a highly intuitive “people person with the gift of gab.” I loved openly sharing my feelings, stories, observations, and vibes over Sunday family dinners.

I was also born an “animal person.” For as long as I can remember, animals have gravitated to me. I’ve always felt an ability to connect and communicate with them on a very deep level. While my parents allowed me only two pets (a dog and a ferret), I often bonded and communicated with many animals outside of our home.

I recognized early on that I shared an equally strong bond with people. I embraced the fact that I am a “people magnet” who has consistently served as a trusted confidante….offering guidance and support to those in need.
I felt a great responsibility to learn more about my intuition and how I could best serve those who were drawn to me.  So I pursued all things spiritual and transformative, yet remained very private about these interests as I did not want to risk being ostracized.

I later began a successful career in the “corporate world” of advertising sales. But I quietly sought out mentors in various modalities of personal development. I took many classes where I learned from the best and acquired various certifications. I meditated a ton and strengthened my intuitive muscles beyond my expectations.

I eventually started working with people one-on-one to bring them clarity, confidence, and peace. I soon realized my calling was to work with people and animals at a deeper level, so I left my corporate career to follow my passions and my heart.

Forever a student with a passion for learning, I’ve honed my expertise in many areas including intuition, tarot, astrology, health and nutrition, energy work and life coaching.

My love and connection with animals has led me to my work in animal communication, as well as studying dog psychology, behavior and training.

I have combined my vast experience and training to offer a unique perspective and skill-set. I love what I do…..and I love witnessing the transformations of the people and animals I help through my work!

Cooper, my Collie / Shepherd mix, was a big love of my life…and one of my greatest teachers. We spent 15 years of my adult life together, and she still has a profound effect on me. Within days of her passing, a feral cat who adopted me, Mr. Snowbie, also passed away, and he also led me in my expansion on my path of Animal Communication.

Today, I have 3 dogs – Dasher, an 8-year old Cattle Dog / Aussie Shepherd mix, Atticus, a 4 year old Australian Shepherd, and Buddy, who is also an Aussie and 2 years old.  Our sweet and amazing Pit mix, Harlow, passed away in the Spring of 2019 at 9 years old.  Harlow continues with us on our journey in spirit and she continues to inspire and surround us with love.  I also have 4 cats – Peanut, an 15 year old tuxedo cat, Lady Snowbie, a Persian who is 6 years old, Dolly a 6 year old Persian cat, and our newly rescued Monty, an 11ish year old Tabby who was abandoned seconds before I discovered him while hiking with my dogs.  We all learn, grow and expand each day together. They test my communication skills to make sure I am on point and at my best for all others I serve! : )


BA – Environmental Studies – University of Colorado at Boulder
Certified Life Coach – Quantum Success Coaching Academy
Certified EFT Tapping Coach – Margaret Lynch
Certified Health Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Reiki Master / Teacher – Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing
Certified Mindful Meditation Teacher – Mindful Meditation Center
Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction – The Chopra Center
Certified Intuitive – International School of Clairvoyance & Remote Viewing
Certified Qigong Instructor – – Zen Flow QiGong Institute
Certified Akashic Records Teacher – Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies
Certified in Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Psychology – Cesar Millan Training Cesar’s Way
Meditation Director – Cesar Millan Training Cesar’s Way
Courses Trainer – Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center
Assistant Trainer – Cesar Millan’s Pack Project Foster Hope Program
Animal Communication – Communication with All Life University
Certified Dog Trainer – Animal Behavior College