Michael Burke is my most favorite animal communicator and behaviorist on the planet. Over the past few years he has been such a meaningful guide for us. He has helped me immensely when I was having difficulties integrating our new puppy into our pack, and when we were dealing with one of our dogs who developed meningitis. He also nailed the personalities of all my dogs so accurately I was astounded. If you are looking for a compassionate knowledgable and professional animal guide, I highly recommend Michael. If you are serious about the well-being of your companion animals, it’s you who he ends up training !! Very impressed.

Colette Baron-Reid #1 Bestselling Author, Oracle Expert, and Star of Amazon’s TV Show Messages From Spirit

I am so incredibly thankful for Michael’s help. His abilities are incredible and he is accurate and so quick!!! Besides being amazingly intuitive, Michael is also very sage and is able to introduce helpful solutions. I can not recommend him enough!!!

Debbie B.

I am so grateful for Michael’s help! Thank you so much! The sessions are wonderful, he is a such a natural and so gifted. I am so excited to put the processes I learn from him to work after our time together. I already feel fuller yet lighter – I did not go for that second cup of coffee this morning because he has inspired me to and energized me from the inside out!

Sarah Henson

One word describes Michael Burke in my mind: “WOW!!” 
I was out of options for a behavioral issue with my 10.5 year old normally-well-behaved yellow lab, Bailey. He’s been digging in the yard (so unlike him!) and no reprimand or course of action seemed to help. I had heard of animal communication before but knew nothing about it and wasn’t sure how it would work out, especially via a phone call…
Well, I had one call with Michael and am still blown away by what I learned. He took a very logical approach which I appreciated, and absolutely nailed the cause of the issue. Further, he went above-and-beyond telling me lots of good, actionable steps to take to correct the problem. I felt empowered, not judged and I know Bailey will really enjoy a lot of the action steps I will take as a result.
Finally, I was really impressed by his intuition and how much he could draw from photos of Bailey. I can definitely see how Michael’s life coaching can help anyone who feels stuck or challenged in their life. He’s someone I’ll keep in my back pocket and recommend to others – for sure!”

Amber Vilhauer

Michael helped my cattle dog mix and I come into our shared power. He gave us tangible tools to develop and improve our bond. We have off and on leash mutual understanding that improved our outdoor time together dramatically. Thank you so much Michael from Stella and I.

Kate Doyle

It’s unbelievable, you touch upon the topics that have been keeping me awake at night and I am so appreciative of you and this information.

Brooke C.

Michael is absolutely AMAZING! He was able to quickly connect with my situation  and helped me to have a much better understanding and perspective. He also used different modes of intuition which helped to give me even more clarity. I appreciated so much much his warmth and empathy as he delivered guidance and council. I am incredibly grateful and I most highly recommend Michael!

Amy C.

I am so grateful for Michael’s ability to understand and give me a much clearer perspective. He is able to deliver empathy and warmth as well as offer me practical solutions. Michael is absolutely amazing!!! Many many thanks!!!

Melissa S.

Thanks Michael! He’s very straightforward and clear. I highly recommend him!

Jennifer N.

I love speaking with Michael. He is supportive, quick, really specific and totally spot on target.

Mary T.

Thank You Thank You Thank You so much for your amazing counsel and ability to “see” and “know”. Because of the clarity you gave me, I was able to easily change my perspective and make choices beneficial to my happiness. I feel incredibly happy and grateful right now. Thank you so much again. You are an earth angel <3

Seth D.

I am so incredibly thankful for Michael’s help. His abilities are incredible and he is accurate and so quick!!! Besides being amazingly intuitive, Michael is also very sage and is able to introduce helpful solutions. I can not recommend him enough!!!

Debbie B.

Michael is clear, concise and caring in his presentation. The sessions are extremely relevant to life issues I am addressing now. The information and guidance is very helpful and supportive. I would not hesitate to speak with him again.

Samantha M.

My sessions with Michael bring me so much clarity! Michael has put into words what I sensed,  and his words are crystal clear, making me feel in reunion with myself.  He is spot on and so accurate at pinpointing my blocks and what I can do to get through my challenges.  I feel so at ease know he is there for me.

Sophia Drake

Michael helped me with my dog Harrison and the other two dogs who live with me. Two of my dogs were attacking Herbie and I was at a loss as to how I could handle this situation.  Michael gave be clear guidance and specific information on how to improve my situation and bring peace to my home.  I want to report that my sister came to visit and she said there was a huge noticeable change in the dogs’ behavior !!!  I am so thankful for Michael!  I have been following his suggestions and everyone, including me, is much calmer and happier and behaving.  Thank you so much, Michael!

Susan Henderson

Michael’s healing session was very obvious to me last night, there was a marked improvement in Reggie and I am incredibly grateful and happy to report that today he is doing amazingly well!! I really appreciate him taking the time to help us. He is a gifted healer!  I am so happy to share the good news that Reggie is doing remarkably well this morning.
He was up with bright eyes lots of energy and it’s almost as if he’s back to normal. I can’t thank Michael enough for your help. I knew right away last night after Michael it worked with Reggie when he got up from laying down and had a different look in his eye.
I’m so glad and grateful!  Thank you again, Michael.

Shiela D.

I can honestly say I think of Michael almost every day and have short conversations with him in my mind thanking him for his presence and time that he offered me with my dog Sam.
I was ready to find another home for my dog because he was aggressive toward visitors in my house.  But in one session Michael showed me how to improve the situation and how to change the way I do things.
I learned so much and I’m so so grateful for the conscious space, time, support, and direction that Michael offered to me that afforded me the platform to just voice my concerns.  He really heard and understood me, and then gave be the steps I needed to turn my situation around with Sam.  Sam no longer acts out with people in my house, and I am so thankful for Michael’s help!

Jill and Sam

Speaking with Michael was a wonderful experience for me and my fur babies. He perfectly described their personalities, behaviors and preferences. It was so moving to hear the kitties’ perspectives on the life they have with me! Michael gave us a clear plan on how to introduce a new pet to the senior ones without upsetting anyone. I am very grateful for this special gift.

Dr. Audrey

A big thank you to Michael! He has given me such a huge boost!  He really gave chance to realise how much I have accomplished over the last year and to re-group and re-connect.  I feel so much better and more determined than ever, plus far more relaxed and thankful for everything!  Things immediately shifted after my first session with Michael. I have seen immediate changes for the better in my life and I am experiencing rapid growth and accomplishments.  Working with Michael has taken me to a place where I now stand in my power and proclaim my brilliance and the difference I am making to people’s lives!  With love & deepest gratitude

Liz Henry

Michael’s generosity and kindness has been life-changing for me as we continue to work together.  He is such an invaluable resource, and I appreciate all of his counsel on my manifestation journey!  Not only did he help me with my dog who had serious separation anxiety, he also helps me improve my own energy and many aspects of my life, making me a better parent to my dog, but also improving my relationships with everyone in my life.  Love him!

Dave B.

Working with Michael has really shifted my ability to manifest big changes in my life.  He is caring, supportive, and still holds me accountable for to make progress and improve my life.  He has inspired me to move forward and the best part is, I am seeing money pop up in my life out of nowhere!  Thank you Michael!

Matt S.

My dog was not good on a leash, I tried everything to correct the situation.  One session with Michael turned everything around and now my dog walks perfectly on a leash.  He is so approachable and makes everything so easy.  I wish I met him sooner but I am so glad to have him as a resource moving forward!

Alison P.

Michael is an AMAZING animal communicator. I contacted him when my beloved animal companions were having some issues that were causing some challenges in the home and which were causing me a lot of stress (because I love them!)  Michael connected with each animal and got incredibly detailed and thorough information, which he then shared with me in a kind and understanding way. As he spoke with me, he continued to get messages from my animals which helped us round out the story and focus our problem solving. After getting to the root of the issues in the house and how and why each animal was contributing to them, Michael helped me problem solve so that I could address the situation in a manner that would fully benefit and fulfill the needs of each animal and human involved. Michael is very knowledgeable and had many great solutions for the challenges, so I have a lot to work with going forward.  As well as his skill in animal communication, I was also impressed by his knowledge on nutrition and I got a lot of good information to keep all my animals healthy and thriving for years to come. I cannot express how much I got out of my session with Michael and I will definitely be calling him again when I want amazing insight into the thoughts and needs of my animal friends.

Becky, Snowy, Sheeva, and Whiskers