How to Deactivate Negative Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions to Help You & Your Pets

How to Deactivate Negative Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions to Help You & Your Pets

In my work as an animal communicator and pet intuitive, I meet people who are looking for help to improve how they communicate with and support their pets.  I would like to share another really powerful technique I use with my clients that will help you deactivate and release negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may be interfering in your communication and connection with your pets.

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Maybe you are frustrated with your pet’s behavior, or your own response to them.  Or maybe you feel weighed down by your emotions, feeling sad for animals in need or even guilty for something you did or did not do.

Our mixed messages and negative feelings may be confusing for our pets. When we are able to clear away what, for them, may feel like a static-y connection in energy and communication, we are better serving them with clear, balanced, and positive energy for them to feel supported by and to follow.

So many people tell me they move through life with great intentions but they feel like they sabotage themselves by holding onto negative beliefs.   They fall back into the same patterns of how they respond to situations in all areas of their lives, and they feel they cannot change their negative feelings and beliefs into positive ones.

We build momentum in the direction of what we want to feel and experience, but we can also build momentum toward what we don’t want to feel and experience when we are stuck feeling negative emotions – doubting, criticizing, second-guessing, feeling sad, frustrated, angry, nervous, insecure, etc.

A really simple way of releasing these negative emotions is by using a deactivation box.

Begin this process by writing down whatever you feel is weighing you down, all your thoughts, feelings and emotions that you know are getting in your way and holding you back.

You can write each one on a separate piece of paper or card.  Place whatever you wrote down inside a designated box of any kind that you will call your deactivation box.  This will train your energy and consciousness, through intention, to diffuse anything and everything that is building momentum and you feel is adversely affecting you.

This process will help you to keep from renewing beliefs that are in your way while you enhance beliefs that are helpful.  You will slow the train that is moving in opposition to what you want… and once that train is slow… it is very easy to redirect it in the direction of what you want.

When you deactivate your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions using the deactivate box, it will be much easier for you to shift your energy to focus on how you would like to feel, experience, and create ….. and you will build quick momentum in manifesting your desires.

Try creating a deactivation box and commit to using it for a good month or so.

Let me know how it works for you….and how your pets respond to your new balanced and positive energy!

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, pet psychic questions, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life…..I am more than happy to help!

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