Clear Your Mind to Help Your Pets with the Morning Pages

Clear Your Mind to Help Your Pets with the Morning Pages

An aspect of my work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Coach that I really love is helping animals by helping their humans find their calm, release their stress, remove their blocks, and find their balance.

From the animal’s perspective….they just want to be happy, balanced, and loved…..but it’s the humans who are energetically complicated and create issues and confusion in their pets.

A tool that I love to use myself and I always share with people is something I learned many years ago from Julia Cameron and her book, The Artist’s Way.  The book helps people release creative blocks and to expand into their highest potential.  The first thing Julia teaches in her book is called the Morning Pages.

Watch this video for more details or continue reading along below the video:

The exercise is to write three pages in a notebook every morning.  You do not have to worry about what you are writing…..you just begin to write.

It’s really a mind dump….you can write the same sentence over and over if you like (like Bart Simpson on the chalk board)…..or you can write “…I have no idea what to write….I’m not sure why I am doing this….I have nothing to say….I still have nothing to say…”.

Or you could write something really deep and profound, some sort of journal entry, or all your doubts and frustrations, or your wish list of what you would like to experience.

The idea is to just write.  This writing is only for you, you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing it so don’t worry about your handwriting, grammar, punctuation, or presentation.

When you get into the regular habit of writing, there is an energetic shift that takes place, you are opening a channel and allowing information to flow out of you….creating a pathway for new inspiration, ideas, and creativity to flow.

After a few days of Morning Pages, people often start to experience shifts within their life because they have released thoughts, feelings, and emotions that get bottled up within our energetic system.

You may suddenly have an amazing idea to do something, create something, to take action in some way…..you may receive a million dollar idea that you’ve felt on the verge of for some time but did not know how to tap into it.

With a regular practice of writing through your Morning Pages, synchronicities may start to occur in your life….new opportunities materialize….you are in the right place at the right time…..you make better choices and you feel more balanced and fulfilled.

The process of writing and especially doing a mind dump where you vent your frustrations and then follow it up with everything you love and would love to experience will help you create what you desire.

When it comes to our animals, so many people are chronically tense, stressed, frustrated, sometimes sad, sometimes angry at some level……and this can effect our relationship with our animals as well as their behavior.

Giving yourself the opportunity to release your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on a daily basis will clear your energy so you embody the calm confident leader your animal needs you to be…..fully present for them….and fully able to love, connect, and grow with them at your highest potential.

Its best to do the writing in the morning…but in my experience…..as long as you write three full notebook pages everyday….it does not matter what time of day you do it….just as long as you do it every day.

When we wake up in the morning, our energy is most clear and balanced, we are starting fresh….we aren’t long out of the sleeping dream state, so it’s a great time to do the writing.  But like I said, as long as you get it done each day…..don’t let not being able to do it in the morning hold you back.

I encourage you to commit to this for at least a month….every day writing in your Morning Pages.  Begin the process and allow the magic to unfold!  In a sense, its a form of meditation and its profoundly healing and inspiring for you as well as your animal companions.

So do your animals a favor and set 20 minutes aside each day to clear your mind through the Morning Pages.   And let me know how it goes for you….I love to hear about peoples’ experiences with it!


If you would like help in understanding what your pets are thinking and feeling… get answers to your pet psychic questions, and/or if you need some guidance and direction within your own life…..I am more than happy to help!  You can book an animal communicator session with me through the link below. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a time best for you:


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