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How Intentions Blended with Elevated Emotions Will Help You & Your Pets

Everyday as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach, I help people understand their pets, improve their energy, and manifest their desires. As we continue to face new obstacles in the world each day,  I would like to share a simple yet powerful technique that will help you overcome challenges, shift your experience, and/or improve …


The Pre-Paving Process: Create What You Desire for You & Your Pets

I love sharing helpful tips as an Animal Communicator, Intuitive Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher, and the Pre-Paving Process is a fantastic one! Often when we are moving forward, trying to overcome challenges…whether it be with our animals and trying to shift behavior and create new habits….or even challenges within our own lives….we may not …


Clear Your Mind to Help Your Pets with the Morning Pages

An aspect of my work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Coach that I really love is helping animals by helping their humans find their calm, release their stress, remove their blocks, and find their balance. From the animal’s perspective….they just want to be happy, balanced, and loved…..but it’s the humans who are energetically complicated …


Strengthening Your Instincts & Intuition to Help You & Your Animals

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach Tip: Everyone has the ability to use their instincts and intuition to help them navigate their life at a higher level…..as well as to better understand and communicate with their animals. When we have an instinctual response to something…..we don’t have to think about it….our being just knows and …


Creating A Space of Peace for You and Your Animals

As an Animal Communicator, I always feel our animals looks to us for leadership, direction, and love.  But sometimes when we are caught up in our lives we often may forget about what we are offering or not offering them from an energetic standpoint. Getting into a regular habit of being mindful of our energy …


A Simple Breathing Technique to Calm You and Your Animals

A super simple solution for improving your life as well as your connection with your animals and the well-being of your animals is mindful breathing.  People often do not realize that their breathing pattern is unconsciously very shallow where they are not inhaling and exhaling to full capacity.  As an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life …


Compassion Fatigue and How to Release It

A challenge often help people with in my work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach is Compassion fatigue.  It is something many people experience but often are not aware of it and how it effects them.  So many of us care deeply about the welfare of animals, wanting to save them, rescue them, …


How to Help Your Animals Through Meditation

Over the years working as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach with many clients and students facing various circumstances, I have found there to be a common thread – people are often not calm…they are tense, they are anxious, they are stressed. Our energy effects our animal’s energy and if we are tense, our …


How to Use Your Instincts to Improve Your Life and Your Pet’s Life

When working with my Animal Communicator clients, I am always encouraging them to connect in with their instincts in order to improve their lives and to communicate better with their animals. Animals are always following their instincts….they do not overthink…..they just respond to the energy they feel in the moment. We humans get caught up …


A Super Easy Method for Communicating with Animals

As an animal communicator, people often ask me how they can better communicate with their animals.  One thing I always recommend is to create a consistent practice of meditation so your mind and energy is clear and open to receive messages from the animal and to be able to process the information and respond appropriately.I ...

An Animal Communication Story: A Horse’s Request for Sacred Closure

A woman, named Mary, booked an Animal Communicator session with me because her horse, Magic, threw her off his back during a riding session. Fortunately, Mary was only bruised but she was devastated because this had never happened before and she was fearful of ever riding with Magic again.  She asked if I could connect …