How Intentions Blended with Elevated Emotions Will Help You & Your Pets

How Intentions Blended with Elevated Emotions Will Help You & Your Pets

Everyday as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach, I help people understand their pets, improve their energy, and manifest their desires.

As we continue to face new obstacles in the world each day,  I would like to share a simple yet powerful technique that will help you overcome challenges, shift your experience, and/or improve a situation for you and/or your pets.

When we take a few moments to connect in with the feeling of love, joy, and whatever makes us feel really good…..we elevate our energy, our vibration, and move our lives toward what we would like to experience.

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What is key here is really allowing yourself to feel love…and then coming up with an intention and blending it into the feeling of love….. combine them together in your mind and heart….so you are, in a sense, beginning to energetically broadcast out into your environment and universe what you would like to feel…propelled by the feeling of love and joy….as you are feeling it in the present moment.

Whenever we experience something that feels good….we are elevated….our mood shifts….we are in a better space….and that’s when more great things begin to happen for us.

The challenge can be that we often get distracted by other feelings and emotions that hold us back from moving forward and experiencing what we desire.

Doubts, fears, judgements, shame, criticism, etc…..all of this creates distractions. But when we take a few moments on a regular basis to feel love, joy, happiness, etc….this shifts our energy into a higher space where we lower our body’s chemicals that are always firing away under stress to keep us safe.

Through this process and meditation, we increase the good chemicals that allow us to feel calm, clear, and open to understanding, processing, and creating information in a more productive way that will lead us toward what we desire.

This does not have to be a deep meditation (though it could be!), just taking a few minutes each day to close your eyes and connect into the feeling of whatever you love….it could be an animal, a person, a place, an experience, a food, a song….just whatever feels you with joy.

After basking in that feeling for a few minutes, bring to your attention something you would like to experience, change, or create.

It could be a behavior challenge you are facing with a pet, or a challenge in your work, relationships, or maybe it’s something you would like to manifest.

Whatever it is….with clear intention focused on what you would like to create….bring that intention into your feeling of love and blend them together……and just Be with it….allow yourself to see and feel what you desire….fueled and propelled by the elevated emotions of love and joy.

Practice this on a daily basis and you will begin to see synchronicities in your life….and you will draw to you whatever your intention was focused upon…you will overcome the challenges or obstacles that stood in your way…..and you will manifest what you desire.

It’s really that simple….but you must practice this and really feel it…even 5 minutes a day is worth it!

This technique is something I use often in my meditation classes currently happening each week online.

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