How to Use Your Instincts to Improve Your Life and Your Pet’s Life

How to Use Your Instincts to Improve Your Life and Your Pet’s Life

When working with my Animal Communicator clients, I am always encouraging them to connect in with their instincts in order to improve their lives and to communicate better with their animals.

Animals are always following their instincts….they do not overthink…..they just respond to the energy they feel in the moment.

We humans get caught up in our intellect and emotions and often block out what instinctually and intuitively feels best because sometimes it may not logically make sense.

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But when we calm our mind and connect in with our heart and our soul….our gut…our intuition…and our instincts…..we elevate our vibration to a place where we see and feel everything more clearly.  And from this level, we can feel what our animals desire, need, and would like to share with us.

A regular practice of mediation and quieting the mind will strengthen your ability to connect with your intuition and allow you to operate through your instincts.

Another simple way to do so is by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, and then bringing your attention to whatever is challenging you or whatever it is that makes you feel confused, unsure, or undecided.

As you maintain a consistent inhale and exhale, connect in with the situation in your mind…..recognize it is within your mind…..and then bring it down to your heart.  Check in with your heart as you continue to breathe and see how it feels.

Then bring it down to your solar plexus, in the center of your torso, and as you continue slow and deep breaths, check in again and see how this situation you are facing feels in this area of your body.

If you feel any discomfort or tension….then you will have your answer.

If you feel good, warm, fulfilled, tinglings of joy……then you are being given validation and the green light to move forward….consider it a big “yes.”

Often the feeling in the head and mind will feel busy, constricted and tense.  The heart and solar plexus will provide a more well rounded feeling where you just know and understand….regardless of what your logic is trying to tell you.

The more we practice checking in with our heart and our solar plexus, the more we will learn how to lead with our instincts.

Like a muscle, and with consistent practice, we will strengthen our inner knowing and our ability to respond to every situation in a way that is for our highest good and the highest good for everyone we encounter.

When we are leading with our instincts, we are no longer thinking our way through life.  Instead, we will be feeling our way through every situation….and we will be able to better communicate with and understand our animals….providing them with the best care and support and through a connection serving the highest good for all.


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