Creating A Space of Peace for You and Your Animals

Creating A Space of Peace for You and Your Animals

As an Animal Communicator, I always feel our animals looks to us for leadership, direction, and love.  But sometimes when we are caught up in our lives we often may forget about what we are offering or not offering them from an energetic standpoint.

Getting into a regular habit of being mindful of our energy and maintaining as calm a state as possible will always serve the highest good of all those around us.

Our energy often precedes us.  Have you every entered a room and you can feel the energy even before you interact with someone?  Or have you ever noticed that you can even feel a person’s energetic state when they are great distances away?

A simple technique that can be super helpful in creating a safe energetic space for yourself and those around you I like to call creating an energetic Space of Peace that you can take wherever you go.

Watch this video for more details or continue reading along below the video:

When you proactively create a Space of Peace that surrounds you…..you will bring balance to those you encounter….they will feel it, connect with it, and replicate it.  They will then be able to carry this peaceful energy to others they encounter.

Using our breath to calm ourselves is always a great first step in shifting our frequency from tense, anxious, and/or excited to a calm, peaceful, and balanced state.  The process begins with connecting in with your heart center and taking a deep breath in….imagining you are breathing in through your heart center….and exhaling out through your heart center in front of you and behind you simultaneously.

Repeat this two more times for a total of three deep breaths.  Imagine as you exhale that you are releasing any tension or whatever it is you need to release….and the energy you are releasing extends out in front of you and behind you…..as far as you can imagine….as a golden wave of beautiful light and energy.

After you have done this three times….next imagine you are inhaling from your sides to the left and right…and then exhale out the energy to your sides in both directions simultaneously.  Again imagining beautiful golden white light energy that you are sending out in both directions to your sides.

After three of these breaths…..follow the same process inhaling energy from above and below you…..and then exhaling……imagining your exhale is extending as far as you can imagine above and below you.

Your breath work has created a beautiful healing space…..above, below, in front and back of you….and to your left and to your right……the energy and frequency you have created extends beyond your imagination to the the corners of the universe.

You have created a space of peaceful calm energy…….you can bring this energy in closer to you…..or extend it even farther.  You may even imagine you are radiating a halo of beautiful light in all directions.

You have the ability to maintain this Space of Peace wherever you go….and everyone you encounter or interact with will feel your Space of Peace.  Others do not need to be aware of this….consider it a gift you offer everyone you encounter.

It does not have to be your job or responsibility to ensure others are always comfortable or healed (unless you feel guided to do so)….this is a way for you to manage your own energy and the energy you bring to others.

Those who feel your energy will feel the calm, peaceful, healing vibrations.  I have seen this process successfully shift challenging behavior for the better in various animals…..as well as calm very tense people who suffer from stress and anxiety….as well as shift health challenges in animals and people for the better.

This is a fantastic tool to begin your day with, especially before spending time with your animals.  But you can use this technique at any time and anywhere.

As you move forward throughout your day, know that you maintain this Space of Peace….it’s a consistent frequency that will balance your interactions and elevate your relationships and experiences.

What’s even better about this technique is that the peaceful energy you create and share with others, whether they be animals or humans, they will absorb it and radiate out…..sharing more calm peaceful energy with others and creating a domino effect that has the power to spread across our planet.

Energy management, calmness, joy, balance, and peace begins with us…..and when we create it and pass it on….we are elevating the frequency of the planet and benefiting the world.  Every little bit contributes to big transformation!

Connect with your breath….create your Space of Peace….carry it with you and share it where ever you go!  Your animals will benefit, you all benefit, and the world will benefit!


I encourage you to play with this technique….and if you would like help in understanding what your pets are thinking and feeling…get answers to your pet psychic questions, and/or if you need some guidance and direction within your own life…..I am more than happy to help!  You can book an animal communicator session with me through the link below. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a time best for you:


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