How to Help Your Animals Through Meditation

How to Help Your Animals Through Meditation

Over the years working as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach with many clients and students facing various circumstances, I have found there to be a common thread – people are often not calm…they are tense, they are anxious, they are stressed.

Our energy effects our animal’s energy and if we are tense, our animals will feel it and will become tense, potentially leading to behaviors and situations we want to avoid.

Watch this video to learn more…and you can download the free meditations here.

I have created these meditations based on some of the biggest challenges people face with their animals.  Using these meditations will help you calm your own energy so you can be the calm and confident leader your animals need.

Use them before you begin your day,  before you walk your dog or during a walk, use them to overcome behavioral challenges, and use them to free yourself from any emotions that weigh you down and hold you back from helping your animals to the best of your abilities.


I am here to help you, whether it’s understanding what your animals want and need, getting answer to your pet psychic questions, working through behavior challenges, or improving your own energy and life.  Book an Animal Communicator session with me through the link below.


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