Compassion Fatigue and How to Release It

Compassion Fatigue and How to Release It

A challenge often help people with in my work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach is Compassion fatigue.  It is something many people experience but often are not aware of it and how it effects them.  So many of us care deeply about the welfare of animals, wanting to save them, rescue them, train them, fix them, send them prayers, and do whatever we can to help.

Whether a person is working in a rescue, training animals, walking dogs, pet sitting, working in an animal hospital, or even just seeing all of the social media posts about animals in need…..we often energetically connect to whomever it is we are observing, sending them energy…our care, hopes, wants, needs…..and the sharing of this energy can deplete what we need inside of us that keeps us strong and stable.

Watch me share this in more detail  in the video or continue reading below.

This occurs in our relationships with people as well….we want to listen to the them, help them, be there for them, and support them….leading to us becoming attached to them through cords of energy that often distract and drain us.

We often face the reality that its very difficult to help everyone and rescue them all…..and even when we have succeeded in helping…..we are often left drained, taxed, depleted and not vibrating at the highest version of ourselves.

We must nurture our own spirit and well-being, we must take care of ourselves so we can fully be there and support those who we feel guided to support.

When we have an awareness of our need for self-care and when we are mindful of how much energy we are offering others….we will have a clearer understanding of where we need to set our boundaries and what we need to do to “refill our tanks.”

A regular practice of meditation where you ground and clear yourself will help maintain your energy levels and will replenish whatever you release to others.

Click here to get the free guided meditation I created called, “Overcoming Compassion Fatigue.”  If you do not already have this meditation, I invite you to download it.

Another easy and quick way to replenish your energy is to find a private spot and close your eyes.  Begin to take a few slow deep breaths, and imagine the energy you are sending out to all those you observe, interact with, and care about……see the energy around your body that extends to them….feel it it and observe it without becoming to caught up or overwhelmed by it.

Notice the energetic cords that attach you to animals, people, situations that have consumed you…..and also feel into any others that are not in your immediate awareness but may have been someone or something you came across that struck you or effected you.

Now, still continuing your deep breaths with your eyes closed,  imagine something that will cut these cords, such as an angel’s sword, a glowing light saber or even scissors….whatever you imagine…..and see it circulating clockwise around your body….cutting all of the cords.

Imagine and observe the energy flowing back to whomever or whatever it is you were attached to……and feel the good energy that remains flowing back to you.  There is no need to worry about this effecting others….they will be fine….this is a safe and harmless process of merely disconnecting for the time being.

Now imagine a golden white light shining down from the Universe above you…..shining down through the top of your head……extending all the way down through your body…..down and out through your root……and extending deep into the core of the Earth.

Allow this beam of light to replenish your energy….to radiate through all your limbs, all your cells….healing you, revitalizing you……filling you up completely with all the energy you need.

When you are ready, slowly allow the beam of light to dissipate back up into the Universe.  And when you are ready, open your eyes and know you are replenished and ready to continue serving all those you feel guided to support.

This process, along with the recorded mediation offered here,  will really help you release compassion fatigue so you can vibrate at your highest levels and be your strongest Self.


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