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Compassion Fatigue and How to Release It

A challenge often help people with in my work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach is Compassion fatigue.  It is something many people experience but often are not aware of it and how it effects them.  So many of us care deeply about the welfare of animals, wanting to save them, rescue them, …


How to Help Your Animals Through Meditation

Over the years working as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach with many clients and students facing various circumstances, I have found there to be a common thread – people are often not calm…they are tense, they are anxious, they are stressed. Our energy effects our animal’s energy and if we are tense, our …


How to Use Your Instincts to Improve Your Life and Your Pet’s Life

When working with my Animal Communicator clients, I am always encouraging them to connect in with their instincts in order to improve their lives and to communicate better with their animals. Animals are always following their instincts….they do not overthink…..they just respond to the energy they feel in the moment. We humans get caught up …


Changing the Channel for Better Communication with Our Pets

Often people come to me for an Animal Communicator session when they are trying to make sense of what is going on in their animal’s head…..having something to do with behavior issues…and really wanting to understand them more clearly and also for their animal to understand what the person are trying to communicate back to …