Changing the Channel for Better Communication with Our Pets

Changing the Channel for Better Communication with Our Pets

Often people come to me for an Animal Communicator session when they are trying to make sense of what is going on in their animal’s head…..having something to do with behavior issues…and really wanting to understand them more clearly and also for their animal to understand what the person are trying to communicate back to them.

When I connect in with the animal, many times what they show me is what appears to be static fuzzy reception on a television…and the channel keeps changing and the reception flips in and out.  It’s very chaotic, confusing, and all over the place.  This static fuzzy reception represents the person’s energy and how they are sharing their energy with the animal.

The person may be trying to communicate something to their pet….but because the person is not fully present with their animal,  and the person’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions are focusing on a million things at one time….the animal is trying to tune into the person’s frequency but there is too much interference.

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A simple way to tune into your animal and clear the interference is by first being aware of the energy you are bringing into a room (so to speak)…..where are your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

If you feel all over the place….take a deep breath….bring yourself into the present moment….really notice everything around you….and imagine you are changing the channel in your mind and energy…..changing it to a channel you would like to broadcast to your animal and/or whomever surrounds you.

This is an opportunity to consciously and deliberately shift you energy through the simple intention to do so…and it can be as simple as awareness….and then changing your channel to a grounded, present, and better feeling.

When we bring ourselves into the present moment, recognize our frequency, and then change the channel to a frequency that feels right and supportive for our animals…..you will really clear the lines of communication so you will better understand each other.

The more we practice being in touch with our breath (take a deep breath!), bringing ourselves to center in the present moment with our animals, and then change the channel to one that feels clear (you will feel it intuitively and in your gut)…..that’s were our connection to our animals is the strongest.

I encourage you to play around with this….and if for any reason you still need help communicating with pet and understanding their wants and needs…..I am here for you!


If you need help understanding what your animals are thinking and feeling, if you are looking for answers to pet psychic questions, or you even need help in your own life, book an Animal Communicator session with me, you can do so through the link below.


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