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Strengthening Your Instincts & Intuition to Help You & Your Animals

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach Tip: Everyone has the ability to use their instincts and intuition to help them navigate their life at a higher level…..as well as to better understand and communicate with their animals. When we have an instinctual response to something…..we don’t have to think about it….our being just knows and …


Creating A Space of Peace for You and Your Animals

As an Animal Communicator, I always feel our animals looks to us for leadership, direction, and love.  But sometimes when we are caught up in our lives we often may forget about what we are offering or not offering them from an energetic standpoint. Getting into a regular habit of being mindful of our energy …


A Simple Breathing Technique to Calm You and Your Animals

A super simple solution for improving your life as well as your connection with your animals and the well-being of your animals is mindful breathing.  People often do not realize that their breathing pattern is unconsciously very shallow where they are not inhaling and exhaling to full capacity.  As an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life …


The Power of Forgiveness & How It Helps Our Pets

There is an amazing healing power in the energy of  forgiveness. When we are not willing to forgive, not only does it affect ourselves but it can also affect our animals and our relationship with our animals.  I see this all the time in my Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach work. When we do …