The Power of Forgiveness & How It Helps Our Pets

The Power of Forgiveness & How It Helps Our Pets

There is an amazing healing power in the energy of  forgiveness. When we are not willing to forgive, not only does it affect ourselves but it can also affect our animals and our relationship with our animals.  I see this all the time in my Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach work.

When we do not allow ourselves to experience forgiveness, we are holding onto pain, frustration, anger, hatred, and madness.

Whether it is directed toward others, ourselves, a situation, or even animals…that negative energy….those lower vibrations can potentially affect our animals because they feel us…. there is no fooling an animal and we cannot lie to them.

We may try to put up a brave face or try to come across a certain way but they are going to pick up on our energy and the true essence of how we feel.

Watch this video for more details or continue reading along below the video:

When we are holding onto something and we are not allowing ourselves to forgive others… maybe because we feel like it’s giving away some sort of power, or we want to have control over the situation, control over others, or control over ourselves and our emotions…. and then when we do not forgive….we are harboring these feelings that are bottled up and festering.

This will clog our energy centers and potentially result in more challenges such as illness, adverse reactivity toward others, and a variety of other possible setbacks.

Similarly, our animals may also be affected and they could potentially experience behavior issues, anxiety, and sadness.  Animals are often like a sponge and they also mirror us, so when we are not taking responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and our vibration…. we are also not taking responsibility for the leadership that we need to be providing for our animals.

It really starts with us and and really identifying where we need to forgive.  Maybe it’s related to our childhood, our parents, mother, father, siblings… it could be a challenging job situation, or feeling betrayed by a friend….. or maybe we feel we have betrayed ourselves and we are not willing to forgive ourselves for something we’ve done or not done….and we are living in a vibration of shame.

The time comes when what we really need to do is forgive…. and to shine a light upon that part of ourselves…. that part within us….those feelings….those situations….and really identify who or what it is that we need to forgive and release…..bringing it out of the shadows and into the light.

I always encourage people to begin the process of releasing through meditation and, for me, this really been the breakthrough in  grounding and centering myself so I am able to clear out my “stuff”…and so I can allow forgiveness to flow through me… to channel through me….and to send it forward to whomever it is that needs my forgiveness.

I have created a free guided Forgiveness meditation that you can download here that will really help you through this process. 

I also demonstrate a quicker forgiveness releasing process in the video above….but you can also read through the quick process below.

All you have to do is close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and connect in with something where you feel you need to forgive.   Imagine whatever or whomever it is in front of you….and shine a light down upon it.

Then imagine a pink bubble in front of you and then place whatever it is that you need to forgive in this pink bubble as you continue to breathe.

Next, with your eyes closed, imagine a pink ray of light shining from your heart center toward the pink bubble that is encapsulating what it is you need to forgive…so you are sending energy and love from your heart center to the bubble…..healing it and filling it with love.

After a few moments and when you are ready, imagine the bubble gently floating away into the atmosphere.  If you are feeling chords of energy still connecting you to the situation and to the bubble, gently cut those cords with a golden sword, a glowing scissors, a scared light saber, whatever feels right for you.

Once the bubble has disappeared into the atmosphere, gently open your eyes and come back to your space in a state of forgiving…. you have forgiven the situation…you have let it go…you have released it…you are free.


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