How to Use Tapping to Improve Your Life & Your Pet’s Life

How to Use Tapping to Improve Your Life & Your Pet’s Life

The Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, has taken the world by storm as a ground breaking method for overcoming physical and emotional challenges and traumas.

Millions of people have experienced the healing benefits of tapping, experiencing relief from anxiety, stress, disease, addiction, insomnia, pain, and depression.

EFT is based on Eastern medicine and consists of tapping into the network of energy meridians that run throughout the body.

When people experience trauma, there is a great deal of negative emotion that disrupts the energy flow within the body. Intense emotional states can lead to the manifestation of physical challenges and ailments.

Acupuncture and acupressure focus on stimulating the meridian points throughout the body to release stored up energy and restore them back into balance. EFT operates similarly by tapping on the meridian points with the fingers while focusing on negative emotions in order to clear them.

EFT is much easier and more simple than acupressure and acupuncture because you can do it yourself, there are no needles are involved, and you don’t need to get a degree or study the process for years before mastering it.

The tapping balances out the energy circulation within the meridians provides relief within minutes. The results have proven to be miraculous, especially for people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, including war veterans.

The process consists of focusing on whatever the problem is and connecting with the emotions and feelings behind the problem, the pain, or the ailment. You tap on points throughout the body as you express the challenge out loud.

The idea is to face the emotion, allow it to come out so it can be accepted and cleared. As you are expressing your feelings while tapping though the points, the nervous system’s fight or flight response is diffused so the body feels calm and safe.

Another way to use EFT is to achieve your goals by connecting with the feelings and emotions associated with those desires.

I use tapping in my own life as well as with clients….both people and animals…..and see amazing transformations result from it….often immediately!

Click on the video to learn more about the process of tapping, how it will help you overcome your challenges and transform your life!

Would like to discover even more about how you can use tapping to shift something in your life or how to use it to overcome a challenge with your pet? Reach out to me and lets connect!


  • Hi Michael,
    Just heard you with Christy and i am looking at your website and saw that you practice EFT , well I have been doing Eft for 15 years and I taught it for 10+ years actually I am giving a course next saturday in Toronto Canada .
    I am on the QSCA course presently , I started in May this year and I am impressed by it, I have been trying to succeed for all my life and I guess I still need aligment.
    Good to hear you.

    • Hi Laurent!
      Thanks so much for reaching out and connecting! It looks like you have amazing experience and energy and I am very excited for you and the transformation you are experiencing….you are well on your way! Great to hear from you and I appreciate your message! 🙂
      All my best,

  • Dagmar K. says:

    Just heard you on hay house radio and am checking out the website. Like the idea of using EFT for when animals, kids or life itself drives you crazy. I noticed you were skipping the underarm meridian point (the monkey slap point, lol) you mentioned in the demonstration. Does it matter at all to skip any points. at all. I saw others use all but the karate chop point, or the other often forgotten wrist point?

    • Hi Dagmar – I always go through all of the tapping points, including under the arm and the karate chop points. Since we were on the radio and quickly making our way through callers I breezed through it fast….its okay if you skip or miss a tapping point but I follow through on tapping on them all (top of the head, inner eye, outer eye, under the nose, under the mouth, collar bone, under the arm, & karate chop point). Thanks so much for tuning into the show and for stopping by my site!

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