The Importance of Practicing the Feeling of What You Desire for You & Your Pets

The Importance of Practicing the Feeling of What You Desire for You & Your Pets

People often schedule animal communication sessions and coaching with me for help in overcoming various challenges with their pets…whether it be a behavior challenge, or wanting to better understand and communicate with them, or even how to help support and heal an animal experiencing health challenges.

Whenever you are wanting to achieve a goal and experience the results of a desire, the key to it is setting the intention and choosing to connect with the feeling of your goal.

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When you allow yourself to imagine feeling what it would be like to experience what you desire, you retrain your consciousness to open up to that experience and you begin to let go of your old conditioned knee jerk responses that you have experienced in the past and get in your way of opening up to your desired outcome.

For example, you may be working through a behavior or health challenge with your dog or cat.  You try to work through the challenge but you feel like you keep hitting a wall and are not making progress.

This may stimulate feelings of frustration, doubt, even anger or sadness….and it feels like the same old cycle of failure over and over.

Your response to the situation is something on deck within you waiting to trigger because you have an imprint in your consciousness from past experiences in similar situations, it’s a practiced feeling.  This is why a new feeling must be practiced in order to achieve a different outcome.

Before approaching this situation again, take a new moment to focus on your breath and imagine you experiencing the situation with success.  See yourself successfully guiding your animal through the behavior or health challenge…..feel what that would be like to succeed, how you animal will feel, how you will feel together….and imagine you are experiencing these feelings in the present moment.

It is important to make sure you are focusing on the positive feelings, and if you catch yourself reverting to the doubtful negative feelings and outcomes, catch yourself, take a deep breath, and redirect your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the opposite or positive aspects of the situation.

Commit to practicing and choosing to connecting to the vision, feeling, and frequency of your desire daily….the more you imagine you are experiencing your desire in the present moment, the more you will erase that imprint you’ve had that has caused your knee-jerk negative responses.

This is a form of meditation that will help diffuse any energy that is getting in the way of you manifesting your goals.  And rather than looking at meditation as a task to check off each day that is leading to a specific outcome, loosen your grip on the idea of meditation.  Consider it as a daily practice that realigns you with your strong, true, authentic self.

We are human and there are always going to be situations that challenge and trigger us.

But a consistent practice of setting an intention and connecting in with the feeling of what you desire and how it feels to experiencing the goal and success right now….this will shorten the duration of your triggered responses in any given challenging moment….and it will become so much easier to bounce back into the desired feelings you have been practicing and intending to achieve.

Even though the current circumstances may not yet be aligned with your desired outcomes, we are able to master the moment and create a new outcome when we continue to connect with the feelings of our goals and desires.  This empowers us to recalibrate our nervous system so our reactions and choices are in alignment with our higher feelings and our highest good….drawing to us and manifesting our goals and dreams with balance and ease.

And because our pets are sensitive to energy and look to us for guidance and leadership, they quickly follow our lead and align with our intentions and desired outcome.

Give this method try and let me know how it works for you!

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, pet psychic questions, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life…..I am more than happy to help!

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