Power in the Peaceful Moments with our Pets

Power in the Peaceful Moments with our Pets

Advice from an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach: Our animals would like to experience with us joy, peace, and love in any given moment, but life is complicated.  Our life situations and energy sometimes get in the way of experiencing the best with them on a regular basis.

Fortunately, the peaceful and loving moments we share with our pets are more valuable and sacred than we realize.

For some who are facing behavioral challenges with their pet, those moments may be fleeting or few and far between.  And for others the peaceful moments may be occurring all the time.

When I say peaceful moments….I am talking about when our animal is calm, loving, balanced, behaving….and we are completely in the moment with them…..appreciating them and the present moment being shared….receiving their love….share love with them….really absorbing the moment and feeling the deep connection we share with them within our soul.

Watch this video for more details or continue reading along below the video:

As we face challenges, whether it be with our pets or in any other area of our life…..we can tap into these peaceful loving moments…..reconnecting with the vibration of love…..feeling it within all our cells…..acknowledging and celebrating the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that embody our eternal bond with our animal….and use the feelings of these moments to heal and uplift ourselves…and in turn others.

When we shine a light on these peaceful loving moments by merely bringing them to mind and meditating on the feelings…..we elevate them within our frequency and draw similar feelings to us of love and peace in all areas of our life.

So not only will this help you overcome behavioral hurdles you are facing with your pet……this will elevate your mood and your vibration so you will shift yourself out of any rut you are facing in any area of your life. This will even increase your pet psychic abilities to feel, read, and understand energy beyond your usual senses.

People often forget about the power of love and the unconditional love we share with our pets.  Tapping into this love and the peaceful moments with our animals gives us the opportunity to use the feelings to heal ourselves, our pets, and to heal the challenging situations we face on a daily basis.

All it takes is the intention of reconnecting with any moment, any memory of of and peace you have experienced with an animal…..and then really simmering in it…basking in it……allowing the love and peace of your relationship fill you from head to toe….and then imagining that you are radiating that love and peace out of your entire body…..shining out through your current surrounding environment…..throughout the world and even beyond…throughout the universe.

Its such a simple tool and process that people often don’t think about doing this, or they are not aware of it,  or they don’t bother….or they don’t believe in it.  But this is a reminder and confirmation that this process of tapping into the loving peaceful moments to heal a situation does work…..all you have to do is reconnect with the feeling of love and peace with your pet for a few minutes.  Simply close your eyes….take a few deep breaths…..and think about a loving peaceful moment with your pet……and allow it to fill you.

Connecting with our Gratitude for the love and peace we share with our animals will draw more love and peace to our lives…..the more we feel the gratitude…the more love and peace we will experience in our lives.

As I mentioned, our animals want us to always feel love and joy in any given moment…..and any opportunity we have to bring the feeling of love and peace to a situation through our own energy and intention will benefit everyone….we just have to remember how powerful our energy and intention really is….as well as the power of the love we share with our animals.

I encourage you to play around with this….and if you would like help communicating with your pets and understanding their wants and needs…..I am here for you!


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