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How Intentions Blended with Elevated Emotions Will Help You & Your Pets

Everyday as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Life Coach, I help people understand their pets, improve their energy, and manifest their desires. As we continue to face new obstacles in the world each day,  I would like to share a simple yet powerful technique that will help you overcome challenges, shift your experience, and/or improve …


EFT Tapping to Calm You & Your Pets + New Meditation Classes This Week!

What I love about my work as an Animal Communicator, Life Coach, and Meditation Teacher is sharing ways to restore balance in your mind, body, and spirit. With everything shifting in the world right now, it’s important to have as many tools as possible to help stay calm and balanced in order to reach our …


Live Online Meditation Classes for You & Your Pets

My skills as an Animal Communicator are strengthened through a daily practice of meditation. With everything happening in the world today, we need to find ways to ground, center, and calm ourselves in the midst of all the chaos. Being cooped up and cut off from others and our usual way of life can become …