How to Overcome Confusing Your Pet’s Feelings with Your Own Feelings

How to Overcome Confusing Your Pet’s Feelings with Your Own Feelings

In order to truly understand your pet, you must recognize what feelings, opinions and emotions are your own and what are not your pet’s feelings, opinions and emotions.

Have you ever heard someone say, “My dog is not good with people” or “She’s sensitive…she’s aggressive….she doesn’t like strangers.”

This may even extend into other areas, like “my cat has a tummy ache” or “I think my horse doesn’t like its saddle.”

This all may be true, but sometimes it’s the owner who feels these ways and projects their feelings onto their animal, and the animal never experienced these feelings at all.

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A regular practice of meditation where you ground and center yourself and then check in with your own feelings is a fantastic way to really understand what are your feelings and what are your animal’s feelings.

Another way of approaching it is when you are questioning how your pet feels, ask yourself if that may in fact be your own stuff.  Really settle into yourself and feel it out….asking….is this mine?  Then try the following exercise:

Close your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Then slowly scan your body with your mind’s eye and your feelings.

Start at your toes and slowly scan up your legs, up your torso, through your chest and arms, and all the way up to the top of your head.

You can even envision it as some sort of futuristic body scan from a sci-fi movie that scans you.

How does your body feel?  Is there a feeling anywhere that jumps out at you?

What about your thoughts?  Are they your own thoughts or have you been around a lot of people that may have these thoughts and you picked up on them?

You don’t have to put a lot of time or energy into this, be easy and curious with it.  Then identify what you are noticing.  You may feel something is not your own feeling, if that’s the case release it by recognizing it is not yours.

But if it is your feeling, acknowledge it. Sometimes when you acknowledge it and own it, you will release it.  If you would like, you can place these feelings in a bubble and watch them float away into the atmosphere….the Universe will know what to do with them.

The point of this exercise is to be aware and clear of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…as well as to recognize when you may be projecting your feelings onto someone else, specifically your pet.

After scanning yourself, you can scan the animal with an awareness of any thoughts, feeling, and emotions that pop up.  Again, ask yourself….is this truly how they feel?  Or is this my feeling?

You may experience some “aha” moments here….like “Oooh!  My dog may actually be okay with strangers!  Its actually me that’s not so nuts about talking to random people on the street.”

When you recognize what is yours and what is not your “stuff” you will feel a release, as if you are no longer carrying energy that you inherently knew you didn’t need.

When you are free of that excess energy that is not yours, and when you release yourself from projecting your stuff onto others, you will have more energy to focus on what you desire and to feel what you really want to feel…and you will be able to more clearly understand and feel your animal at a deeper and more pure level….bringing both of you peace, balance, and harmony!


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