Creating New Good Behaviors with Your Pet

Creating New Good Behaviors with Your Pet

Clients often come to me because they want their animal to understand them, to behave better, and to overcome some sort of challenge.

Animals live in the moment….they are not dwelling on what happened yesterday or a year ago….and they are not thinking about what may happen tomorrow.

Animals respond to the energy they encounter in the current moment and they feel us….they feel when we are excited, happy, sad, frustrated, doubtful, annoyed, and confused.

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If we are trying to guide our pet to do something but our energy is focused on what we don’t want rather than what we do want….the animal will be confused…they are hearing us say one thing but they are feeling us saying something else.

The animal is like… “….so…..what do you want from me?  You are telling me to stay off the counters but what I am feeling from you is energy of me getting on the counters…..?”

If we want to overcome a behavioral challenge, the first step is to be aware of our own energy and what we are projecting.

Before asking something of your pet, make sure you are fully consistent and on the same page with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions…..so you are not holding an image in your head of your pet climbing up on the counters (for example) as you are telling them to stay off the counters.

A good way of approaching this is to hold a vision and a feeling of your pet behaving as you desire….and really connect into the feeling of your pet behaving and doing what you’d like.

Imagine how you feel when your pet is listening to you, responding and behaving…and imagine how your pet is feeling when they hear your calm request…they totally understand…and then do what you ask?

Connecting into the feeling of the desired outcome and staying consistent with this will lay a foundation for success….so as you ask you pet to do something….they are feeling what you want them to feel and understand….. “….oh…I get it now!  I feel that you would like me to lay down peacefully at your feet!  My pleasure!”

If you find yourself facing challenges in getting your pet to listen to you…consider taking a few minutes each day to check in with yourself in order to shift your energy so you are consistent in what you are projecting to them.

Meditation is an amazing way to ground and center your energy so you are communicating in the best possible way with your pet…since energy is everything to them….and meditation balances our energy.

I have created a FREE guided meditation called “Welcoming the Possibilities of New Good Behavior” that you can download by clicking HERE and use to help you shift your energy as you guide your pet to shift their behavior.


If you would like hear things from your pet’s perspective, you can book an Animal Communication session with me through the link below. Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a time best for you:


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