A Simple and Effective Intuitive Animal Communication Technique

A Simple and Effective Intuitive Animal Communication Technique

Today I would like to share a practical intuitive animal communication technique designed to enhance your connection and communication with your pets. As an animal communicator, I’ve found this method that I created and call “The Field of Connection” incredibly beneficial in establishing a strong, intuitive link with animals, allowing for a mutual exchange of feelings and information.

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Why Choose Intuitive Animal Communication?

Engaging in intuitive communication with your animals can offer a multitude of benefits such as:

Improved Understanding: Gain insights into your pet’s feelings, needs, and experiences, enabling better care and mutual understanding.

Strengthened Bond: Establish a deeper connection with your pet by engaging in a meaningful, non-verbal dialogue, fostering trust and companionship.

Problem-solving: By understanding your pet’s perspective, you can address and resolve issues or challenges more effectively.

Introducing the “Field of Connection” Technique

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can practice this effective technique:

Preparation: Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. The animal you are connecting with does not have to be with you in-person.  This process can be used to connect with both living animals and those who have passed.  You can communicate with animals telepathically beyond time and space.  You may choose to sit with an animal in-person and use this process, or you can have a photo of an animal to view and feel into it before you begin this process.

Focus on Your Breath: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Use your breathing to anchor your focus and enter a state of calm attentiveness.Visualize a Peaceful Setting: Imagine a calm and welcoming outdoor space. It could be a field, meadow, or any open natural setting that resonates with you.

Invite Your Animal: Visualize the animal entering this space from the horizon, approaching, and settling in front of you.

Connect: Imagine a form of physical connection, like gently holding their paws. Feel the physical touch anchor your shared presence.

Communicate: In this connected state, express your thoughts or questions. Be open to receiving any impressions, feelings, or responses from the animal.

Close the Session: After your interaction feels complete, visualize the animal peacefully returning to the horizon. Take a moment to express gratitude for the connection and gently bring your awareness back to the present.

Reflect and Repeat: Consider keeping a journal to note down any insights or messages received during the session. Regular practice will help in enhancing the effectiveness of your communications.

“The Field of Connection” technique is a straightforward yet powerful process that can significantly enrich your relationship with an animal by fostering an intuitive understanding and communication channel. It’s a grounded approach that encourages mutual respect, understanding, and a shared emotional space, enabling a deeper connection with the animals in our lives.

Try it out and let me know your experience!

And if I can be of any additional assistance…whether it be through animal communication, helping you overcome behavior challenges with your pets, pet psychic questions, personal coaching for you to help you navigate life…..I am more than happy to help!

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